Made by Mate’s Gallery

If you are looking to engage us or up for a collaboration, here’s a good place to start to get a gist of what we are able to do for you.

All our prints here are designed and illustrated by us. We usually come out with 4 designs each series, and we release about 4 series (which is 16 designs) in a year.

We are a two-man team and both of us are designers. Starting Made by Mate was a dream for us to share our designs with everyone, to see our art being worn and appreciated by friends from all walks of life. We do not believe in mass producing, therefore, all our designs are produced in small batches which also makes it even more special to own them.

Since then, we have accumulated a few designs in our portfolio. So we decided to introduce this new gallery page to our old and new friends who joined us in this journey of ours.