Stories behind the prints


Rust and Stardust

I went on a solo trip to South Korea in 2016, (which I aptly named it as #annyeonghasolo, do not steal it thanks lol). I was on a ferry going to a small beautiful island called Cheongsando. As I was looking out to the sea, the mountains on the other side formed a very beautiful silhouette which left such an impression in me. That's how Rust and Stardust were born, I think it is one of my most satisfied and magical print I've done. Did I mention I love anything magical? Yes I'm a Harry Potter fan.



The first design we officially created for MBM. It was inspired by terrazzo floor tiling, which so happens that my house is covered with it. I was so lost with directions and I just happen to be staring down really hard on the ground, and thats where it hit me. I thought it was beautiful, how it randomly piece together in such organic shapes. 


The Dogs

The dog prints were the first casual illustrations that we made. Casual because we did it before MBM was launched. There isn't really a story behind why we made this, it was a very innocent illustration that we thought it will look cute on prints. With what little budget we had, we launch it as a pocket notebook, because as a graphic designer, it's something we know how to do it efficiently. But the print was surprisingly well-received and we decided to push it further(hopefully not overused) recently. Tell us if you think you had enough of them cuties.