Kimono - Our latest venture

Clothes is something that we have never dream of working on before. It is something totally out of our league. As I’ve mentioned before, my partner and I, we are both graphic designers, we know nuts about apparels. But doing an outerwear is something that has been at the back of our heads for a long time.

Our country is hot, but our indoors are too cold. The buses are too cold, the trains are too cold, the malls are too cold, our offices feel like winter all the time. So we decided that it is good idea to have both items that helps to keep one warm and cozy.

Outwear + Scarfs.


We are always finding the perfect manufacturing partners for our designs, you know what they say, the worse part is always the manufacturing. This time round, we have sourced our manufacturer all the way from India. For the best cotton/linen blend we can find to make the Kimono a breeze to wear.


As our designs are often very colourful and vibrant, we are always doing digital printing. We are constantly living in fear of how the print will turn out. Will the colours fade? Is it pixelised? Is the finishing bad? Are there stains? These are always on our mind when we send an artwork out for print.

So this time round, even though we have our usual digital printed goodness, we have also made a batch of silkscreen designs. We are super stoked about it.


So here with have it, our first ever silkscreen designs - Tropical Fruits.

After months of designing, we finally stepped out of our comfort zone and made a small batch of Kimono with our silkscreened Tropical Fruits design. They are free size, comes with pockets and in perfect arms length.

They are now available on our website.