Travelmate. Workmate. Playmate. By Mate.

Mate [meyt]

1. friend; buddy; pal

We fight the battle in the day as designers, and burn the night with beer on the side as gamers, otakus and tv junkies.

We don't always have something in mind, but when we do, we will try to make it come to life. We just want to enjoy what we do and be free to do what we feel good about, and we hope you do too. Like what people say – do more of what makes you happy :)

So here's a space for our dreams (and madness).

If you are looking for our corporate works, please drop us a mail and we will email our deck to you. Thank you :3

Instagram: @madebymate


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I think it's beautiful, the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love.